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All across the world, people make our society more sustainable, social, inclusive and fair with innovative projects and social enterprises. You help them by funding their ideas, giving changemakers your advice and letting them reach their full potential.

You want your help to go a long way. But how do you prioritize your efforts to achieve the greatest impact? Which tools do changemakers need to make, measure and grow their impact? And how do you know your support really makes organisations more sustainable or resilient?

Welcome to the first international conference on social impact assessment on March 25 & 26, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. On Monday, you'll learn from international experts and pioneers about the importance and benefits of social impact assessment for their work. In the afternoon, there will be several interactive breakout sessions. On Tuesday, you'll take the next step in impact assessment in hands-on workshops.

What to expect?

  • A unique exchange with international pioneers and experts
  • Honest insights from social entrepreneurs and support organizations
  • Multi stakeholder discussions in interactive workshops
  • State-of-the-art practical tips and tools such as Impact Wizard to start evaluating social impact

For whom?
Social entrepreneurs and support organizations such as philanthropists, foundations, grant givers, umbrella organisations or incubators who want to help organizations to identify and grow their impact.

Who are we?
impACT is an organisation of the Social Innovation Factory and Impact Wizard with the support of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and BNP Paribas Fortis.


Start: 25 March 2019
End: 26 March 2019
Social Innovation Factory

Brussels, België

March 25: Auditorium Kanselarij, Kanselarijstraat 1 - March 26: Beursschouwburg, Ortsstraat 20
1000 Brussels


Arnoud Raskin

Social entrepreneur
Mobile School, StreetwiZe and StreetSmart
  • Arnoud Raskin

    What is the future of business? As a social entrepreneur, Arnoud Raskin has had first-hand experience with the organisations and models that make up both the social and private sectors. He has seen the advantages, as well as disadvantages of these one-pillar models and argues that a hybrid approach, holding both social impact and financial return on an equal level, holds tremendous opportunities for business and society.

    Arnoud Raskin is the co-founder of Mobile School, StreetwiZe and StreetSmart. He is Ashoka Fellow and a renowned speaker at conferences worldwide. Mobile School NPO builds mobile schools, innovative educational programs valorising the qualities of resourcefulness that underprivileged children acquire in the street. In this way they restore their self-esteem, a fundamental step toward successful social and professional integration. Inspired by the experience of Mobile School, Arnoud started the company StreetwiZe that translates the street survival skills of the street children into unconventional leadership training for companies.

    StreetSmart is a TECH4GOOD startup that offers an impact measurement and case management tool for street educators and youth workers to follow up the educational process of individual children. A smartphone app helps to register data on the streets in a lean and mean way. A website offers automated reports and dashboards on organised sessions and activities, participation rates, child profiles and educational processes.

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Jan Jonker

Nijmegen School of Management (NSM) of the Radboud University Nijmegen (RU - Holland)
  • Jan Jonker

    Professor Jonker’s research interests are at the crossroads of management, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development (SD), specifically, the development of organisational concepts, strategies and (new) business models. Within this focus, Professor Jonker is increasingly concentrating on how to enable and foster fundamental change and transformation leading to (inter)organisational sustainability.

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Alessia Gianoncelli

Research Manager
European Venture Philanthropy Association
  • Alessia Gianoncelli

    Alessia is EVPA’s Research Manager. She re-joined EVPA in August 2016 as Research Associate after having previously worked as Research and Policy Analyst and as Project Analyst.

    From March until July 2016, she was blue book trainee at the European Commission, DG ECFIN, specifically working on social enterprises and SMEs market assessment and funding opportunities to support social investment. Alessia formerly worked for Unioncamere Piemonte in Brussels and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Paris. She has ten years’ volunteering experience in the NGOs’ field and a strong interest in social impact measurement and management. Alessia holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Turin and a French Master in International Administration from the UPEC.

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Sadik Harchaoui

Chef de mission
Society Impact

Annica Johansson

Global head of impact
Reach for Change

Mark Andries

Administrator General
Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Kurt Peleman

Kurt Peleman
  • Kurt Peleman

    Kurt Peleman has a very broad experience in the social impact sector. He worked for large NGO’s, small non-profits and innovative social entrepreneurs, for foundations, for local government, and for a European network of venture philanthropists and impact investors He built this experience by taking on a diversity of roles: as senior executive / CEO, as member of the board of directors or the investment committee, and as consultant.

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Laura Bergh

Chief Enabler
Poverty Stoplight Office South Africa
  • Laura Bergh
    Laura Bergh is an independent professional in Sustainability Leadership and Research with a Master’s degree from Cambridge University. She worked in the corporate and consulting governance arena with big business for 20 years before she changed careers and joined the social economy. She has a strong interest in enabling and catalysing sustainability-driven entrepreneurs and is currently assisting a number of social enterprises and non-profit organisations with business plans, strategies and impact assessments in order to build resilience and scale up for higher impact.

    Laura’s work on customising and localising the Poverty Stoplight approach for a South African context has led her to co-create the Poverty Stoplight Office (SA) where the objective is to assist in improving the impact and success rates of organisations delivering social impacts through poverty-related programmes and enterprise development initiatives. This approach is also used by corporates and business in assessing the poverty status of their blue-collar workers and prioritising focus areas for engagement. In addition to her work with social enterprises and the Poverty Stoplight Office, Laura is testing a customised social entrepreneurship initiative in high schools.

    Laura is a director on a number of Boards and an advisor to the management teams of social enterprises.

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Eveline Durinck

Senior Consultant
Idea Consult
  • Eveline Durinck

    Eveline works at IDEA Consult since 2008 and specializes in multi-dimensional impact measurements and evaluations. Eveline has coached several social and philanthropic organisations in mapping their social impact in the context of the two Action Research Programmes on Social Impact Assessment run by the Sociale Innovatiefabriek. Eveline has a strong track record in European and regional multi-dimensional impact assessments, with a specific expertise in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and in public R&D support programmes. Recent projects include the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Family-Owned Heritage Houses for the European Commission (DG Education & Culture) and the Economic Impact Assessment of the cooperative research programme “imec.icon” , for imec, the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Eveline has extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative data-gathering methods (survey-design & implementation, in-depth interviews, workshops,…), analyzing and synthesizing the collected information into useful (policy) indicators and recommendations.

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